Facebook’s #somethingawesome news. Thoughts?

6 Jul

Today Facebook announced their #somethingawesome news. Do you think they waited to announce this nearly right after Google’s launch of Google+? Perhaps steal Google’s thunder? Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t.

The update is centered around Facebook Groups, and live video chat made possible with an integration with Skype.

Update 1: Launch of Group Chat.
This is pretty much AIM but on Facebook. You’ll now be able to chat with multiple people at once.

Update 2: New Chat Design.
Similar to how EdgeRank works (more interaction = more visible at the top), people will be able to see their friends on the side-bar whom they chat with the most. This will make it easy for people to find their friends and begin chatting, rather than spending the time sorting through their 200+ friends.

Update 3: Video Chat
This is pretty big. Thanks to an integration with Skype you can now video chat with your friends directly on Facebook. Long-gone are the days of downloading Skype and launching on the desktop to talk with friends and/or clients over-seas. The fact that we can stay within Facebook – where we spend the most time – and live chat simultaneously is making the world a smaller place.

What are your thoughts on the #somethingawesome news from Facebook? How do you plan to use it for your personal activity, personal brand or business?

The livestream Facebook announcement can be found here.


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