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Google Soon to Offer Biz Profiles on Google+

25 Jul

Are you on Google+ yet? If not, get there and explore. I did a recap of Google+ a couple of weeks ago. Check it out, here!

Google+ is still in infant stage, but growth is on the horizon. Especially, with the announcement that Google will be offering analytics and more sharing options for those with patience. Some brands have prematurely created Google+ accounts and administered it much like a Facebook Page. Not cool according to Google and many of those accounts were taken down.

Read more about Google’s plans for business profiles online.

Will you be adding your personal brand or business to Google+? What are your thoughts on Google+ so far?

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~ Allison


Lauren’s Making Social Media Waves at the Beverly Wilshire

19 Jul

Another great article about Lauren making social media waves in the online space. Her goal is to take the offline socializing at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel…ONLINE. So far, she’s going a stellar job with her innovative #FriFotos, in which the hotel’s Twitter followers will receive a link to a historical photo of the hotel or #virtualvino, during the hotel’s Summer Sommelier Series.

Click here to read more!

~ Allison

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Facebook’s #somethingawesome news. Thoughts?

6 Jul

Today Facebook announced their #somethingawesome news. Do you think they waited to announce this nearly right after Google’s launch of Google+? Perhaps steal Google’s thunder? Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t.

The update is centered around Facebook Groups, and live video chat made possible with an integration with Skype.

Update 1: Launch of Group Chat.
This is pretty much AIM but on Facebook. You’ll now be able to chat with multiple people at once.

Update 2: New Chat Design.
Similar to how EdgeRank works (more interaction = more visible at the top), people will be able to see their friends on the side-bar whom they chat with the most. This will make it easy for people to find their friends and begin chatting, rather than spending the time sorting through their 200+ friends.

Update 3: Video Chat
This is pretty big. Thanks to an integration with Skype you can now video chat with your friends directly on Facebook. Long-gone are the days of downloading Skype and launching on the desktop to talk with friends and/or clients over-seas. The fact that we can stay within Facebook – where we spend the most time – and live chat simultaneously is making the world a smaller place.

What are your thoughts on the #somethingawesome news from Facebook? How do you plan to use it for your personal activity, personal brand or business?

The livestream Facebook announcement can be found here.

Lauren is a TweetReach Celeb!

30 Jun

Check this out, #EggsnHashtags peeps. Our very own Lauren was interviewed by TweetReach! If you’re using hashtags for your campaigns and measuring reach, then you’re most likely familiar with the tool. We’re huge fans of it here.

Lauren is the first social media employee at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. She’s pretty much at the helm of their social media and it’s growth. Go Lauren!

Click here to read her interview.

~ Allison